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Steel Bridge Business [Case1]Western Bangladesh Bridge Improvement Project PW-02

Project Information

  • Location : Rajishahi zone, Bangladesh
  • Project owner : Roads and Highway Department
  • Finance Source : JICA ODA loan

Project Overview

"Replacing 16 major bridges with urgent need and high importance"
  • With the rapid economic development of Bangladesh in recent years, the volume of cargo and passengers transported on National Route 5 and major regional roads in the Rashahi zone has increased, and vehicles have also become larger. On the other hand, many of the bridges in service are aging without being repaired or replaced. Many deteriorated and damaged Bailey bridges (temporary steel bridges) are in service, and there is a danger of collapse, which hinders safe passage.
  • Komaihaltec has formed a joint venture with Mir Akhter, a major construction company in Bangladesh, and awarded an order for this project. We fabricated, transported, and erected four weathering steel bridges.
    While the effects of the Dakka terrorism incident that occurred on July 1, 2016 remain, construction has begun under strict anti-terrorism measures such as security by armed guards. Then, the scorching sun in the dry season, the intense squall in the rainy season, and finally the spread of COVIT-19, and despite the many stresses, the JV was able to complete the construction safely.
  • In both in name and reality, these bridges are friendship bridges between Japan and Bangladesh, and we hope that they will contribute to the economic and social activities of the people of Bangladesh over the long term.
Atrai bridge : 3 spans continuous Weathering steel plate girder bridge
L=143m (47+49+47m)
Chondi Das bridge : 2 spans continuous Weathering steel plate girder bridge
L=70m (30+40m)
Punduria bridge : 2 spans continuous Weathering steel plate girder bridge
L=75m (40+35m)
Vitapara bridge : 2 single span Weathering steel plate girder bridges
L=50m + 23m

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