• Steel Bridge

    From familiar bridges used in daily life through to long span bridges

    Since its foundation, Komaihaltec Inc. has continuously been building numerous high quality products in the steel bridge domain, including road bridges and railway bridges. In addition to steel bridges, we have branched out in recent years to build bridge structures made from composite materials comprising steel and concrete, and we are actively involved in preventative safety as well as maintenance and preservation work in order to extend the life of our bridges.
    In the future, we will further contribute to the establishment of social infrastructure by maximizing the technological capabilities that we have built up over many decades, and by working diligently in the research and development of a wide range of areas.

  • Steel Frame /
    Steel Structure Fabrication

    Supporting contemporary architecture and contributing to the creation of social foundations

    Komaihaltec products have been incorporated in numerous noteworthy architectural structures. These include skyscraper office buildings in greater metropolitan areas as part of the urban redevelopment business, as well as government office buildings, educational and cultural facilities, and large-scale production facilities.
    Our technological prowess has earned us high praise, and in recent years, we have also participated in the construction of super high-rise structures such as the Shanghai World Finance Center (Shanghai Mori Building) and Tokyo Skytree.
    By leveraging the technological know-how that has been acquired from these and other projects, we will strive for even more advanced developments in the future. In addition, we will actively engage in the field of seismic strengthening works on existing building structures.

  • Renewable Energy Business

    We provide social solutions for achieving a "sustainable society"

    Wind-generated power is capable of sustainably producing clean energy, and will be the key to resolving environmental and energy-related issues in the future. Komaihaltec provides wind-generated power systems that can be adapted to harsh terrain and climate conditions.
    Furthermore, our company is committed to tackling environmental issues in the engineering and architectural fields, by making the most of the technological knowledge we have so far accumulated in or der to support measures for resolving environmental concerns on a global scale.

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